Murdoch University Divers Club

The Club

About Us

MUD is a non-profit club catering to students, staff and associates of Murdoch University. Membership and gear loan is set at highly competitive rates.

The club has been in existence since 1979, and during that period the club has enjoyed numerous trips away, local diving, involvement in community events such as “Clean UP Australia” and many social events.

In 2002, the club became affiliated with the Underwater Explorer’s Club of Western Australia (UEC). The UEC conducts boat dives most weekends, giving MUD members the opportunity to join in individually or as a group. Either way, the UEC will take care of you and make sure you enjoy your day out. (Conditions apply)

MUD Committee


President Demi Bestry
Vice President Charlotte Ackrill
Treasurer Helen Armstrong
Secretary Alex Brunswick
Equipment Officers Mark Thiele
Raoul Hofmann
Membership Officer Philip Good
Dive Officers David Juszkiewicz
Sabrina McCay Tuckerman
Barbara Johnson
Lexy Schonefeld
Mikaela Spires
Environmental Officers Erin Ring
Student Representative Lexy Schonefeld
Social Media Officers Lexy Schonefeld
Sabrina McCay Tuckerman
Web Page Philip Good